Speak English

Speak English

Rabu, 12 November 2014

In an English Class

One day, in Solo, Central Java, a beautiful teacher started teaching in a class of 32 students.

The teacher greeted the students and asked them who was absent for the day. Then, she explained that on the day, they would study from a song entitled “The Rhino Song”. She told the students that they would study about how to ask and answer about the number of animals.

The teacher asked the students to pay attention to the first page of unit 11 materials, particularly to Activity 1 of “Tune Up” activities. She asked the students to fill the cloze lyrics using the words provided in the box. The students did the task and they asked her about the Indonesian meaning of some words. The teacher invited them to check their answer by listening to the song entitled “The Rhino Song”. They listened to the song while checking their answer. The teacher, then, invited them to discuss the answer together. After that, the teacher asked them to match the vocabulary list on Activity 3 to the meaning. The students did the task in about two minutes. They discussed the answer with the teacher. She asked the students to state whether statements in Activity 4 are true or false by reading the lyrics.

Selasa, 11 November 2014

International English Literature Conference

On November 5th, 2014, I presented my paper in an international seminar entitled "English Literary Studies outside the Circle". I was very enthusiastic since I was actually interested in literary studies. I took literary analysis as the topic of my thesis at the undergraduate degree. In the seminar, I met some extraordinary persons in literature. My heart was in a tremble when I saw some presentations about homosexuality, feminism, and psychological analysis. I did not present something related to literature at that time; I present a teaching-focused paper. Here are my slides. These are integrated (combined with listening, reading, & writing) teaching steps and the focus of them is speaking.

Jumat, 06 Juni 2014

"Still Reminds Me" to Teach English

Have you ever applied songs in teaching EFL? I have a dream that someday I can use songs to teach my students since I find that some students are interested in translating song lyrics better than a text. Most of them are interested in understanding the meaning of a song, especially when the theme is about love. 

Last semester, I got a very interesting subject on my study: Discourse Analysis. I didn't know before that DA could give pleasure in viewing a string of sentence. But, from the moment I met my lecturer, ibu Diah Kristina, I began to understand that a sentence might give not only one single meaning for the speaker and the listener. 

Rabu, 21 Mei 2014

I'm Thankful

Hello, dear readers. It's been a long time for me not to write in this blog. Am I busy? Yes, a little bit. It's because I spend most of my time in front of my computer thinking about my thesis. Sometimes, I have to write something, but all I do is just being confused. Yeah, I'm a little confusing recently hahaa....

Have you ever learned English using songs? I'm quite sure that most of you will say "Yes". I myself also learned it using songs some years ago. I can say that using songs is an effective way to learn English since it can rehearse our ears to listen more, it can enrich our vocabulary, & it can provide us with a good constructed sentences with languages that we have never heard before in our English lesson at school. We can also learn to pronounce a word accurately. 

Selasa, 23 Juli 2013

The Application of Moral Value in Scientific activities

(Primanda Dewanti)

As every body knows, science has given many benefits for the human. Our daily life nowadays has been very different compared to the life taken place some years or centuries ago. Human has developed science in such a way that everything seems easy to do. The next coming question is that: is there any regulation for them to do so? Can they expand science more and more in a free way without afraid of something?
Amsal Bakhtiar (2012: 162) gives a very critical question related to the matter; is knowledge always a blessing and life-saver for human being? He states it from the example that the making of bomb which was firstly dedicated to make humans work become easier and easier has given a negative effect for themselves. According to him, science has to be placed proportionally and based on good and humanistic value, unless there will be a damage as the result of careless usage of it.

Sabtu, 20 Juli 2013

"We're millionaires!"

Try to fill in the blanks without looking at the answer keys!

(Bayes in Paris)

In August 1999 three friends, Jacques Proust, Guy Fadat, and Francois Leclerc, ______ on holiday in the town of Laraque in France. On Sunday they ______ shopping in he market and they _______ a dirty, old painting of the Virgin Mary. They ______ it for 1,400 francs and they ______ it to Paris. In Paris, an expert said that the painting was by Leonardonda Vinci and it ______ worth 500,000,000 francs. The man in Laraque market _____: 'I was happy to sell the painting but now I'm very upset. I don't want to think about it!'

A red, red rose

(Robert Burns)

O my luve, is like a red, red rose,
    That's newly sprung in June.
O my luve is like the melodie
    That's sweetly played in tune.